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Surfcoaching in Costa rica

8 - 20 januarY 2023

Seaside Surf in collaboration with Islita Surf Club bring you Surfing Guanacaste, a trip through the best intermediate surf spots in the Guanacaste and  Nicoya Peninsula regions of Costa Rica. Enjoy some of the most consistent waves in all of the country, from beach to point breaks with many uncrowded line ups to be had! Let your host/coaches take care of the details while you surf your way up and down Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, the entire time enjoying the adventure and riches of a Pura Vida lifestyle. Come experience world class waves in the home of the endless summer.

Image by Luis Diego Aguilar

For who?


Our surfguides and coaches will take you to surfspots suited for your level. The coach will join you in the water and you will get several video analysis during your stay in order to help  your progress. You will take your surfing to the next level while having tons of fun.

What surflevel is required? You need to be able to paddle to the line-up, catch unbroken waves  and you are ready to refine your turns. But maybe you still struggle with your take off when waves get a bit steeper or bigger? Or you still lack confindence and technique when the waves get a little bit bigger? Maybe you feel it is difficult to deal with the crowds and catch waves surrounded by better surfers?

So if you recognize yourself in the above or your level is even higher, then you are the man or girl to join us for this unforgettable surftrip. Have we told already that you don't need a wetsuit? You can surf in your boardshorts or bikini while it's freezing cold in Europe.  Just don't forget your sunscreen!


Which surfspots will you surf?


Our surfguides and coaches will take you to surfspots suited for your level. Daily, depending on the tides, waves and wind we will do two guided surfsessions. If you still have energy left you do another free surfsession in walking distance of the surfguesthouses. A few times during our stay we will do video analysis where our surfcoach will give tips and workingpoints to progress your surfing.

This unique trip brings you the best intermediate surf spots in the Guanacaste and  Nicoya Peninsula regions of Costa Rica.

Depending on the conditions we aim to surf these worldclass surfbreaks:

Playa Grande

Playa Negra

Playa Avellanas

Playa Guiones (Nosara)

Playa Camaronal 

Playa Corozalito 

Playa San Miguel

Costa De Oro

Playa Coyote 

Playa Santa Teresa 

Playa Mal Pais 


Withches Rock & Ollies Point (additional boat cost)

Image by Vincent Branciforti


Simply buy your airplane ticket and we take care of all the rest. We pick you up from Liberia airport and drive you to the surfguesthouse. To discover as many surfspots as possible we lodge at two different locations. The first week we will stay in Playa Grande Surf Camp from 8 till 14 January  and the second week from 14 till 20 January we stay in Playa Coyote.

Everything is included:

  • 10 days surfing (daily two surfsessions + optional extra free surfsessions)

  • 3 meals a day

  • 12 nights lodging in a  mixed dorm room with A/C

  • transport to surfspots

  • surfguiding

  • surfcoaching

  • video analysis

  • airport transfer

€ 1995 from 8 till 20 January 2023 


This is all-inclusive so your only other cost will be your airline ticket and your boardrental incase you don't bring your own board. Your airline ticket Europe - Liberia (Costa Rica) will cost around 850- 950 euro. Get in touch we us so we can help you with purchasing your airline ticket.

MEET Your hosts

surfcoach Hucine.JPG

Hucine Lazamour  (MA)



Joachim Meire  (BE)



Kenny Graham (US)


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