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What do  our guests say about the Surfcoaching weeks in Morocco? Watch their testimonial videos

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Testimonial Luisa
Testimonial Julien
Testimonial Christophe

Great surfing week in Morocco

The guesthouse was charming with nice view from the terrace and amazing food every day to get energy for each surf session. The coaches and owners of the guesthouse make you feel at home and everything is taken care of so that you can really focus on improving your surfing skills. Everyday we would get ready for our two daily sessions and the coaches would drive us to the best spot for our level. While surfing we would get constant tips and several nights we would do a recap with videos from waves we took during the day to see what we could  improve and how. The surf coaching was a great experience and I'm looking forward to do it again with the great team! 

Luisa Rincon

Surfboard Fins
Surfboard Fins

It was super fun and I made a lot of progress

As an intermediate surfer I was really looking forward to this 'next level surftrip'. One of the best parts is the video coaching.  Each day we could choose to do as much surf sessions (at the beautiful coast of Morocco!) as we want. A coach was always giving us company, another person was filming. In the evening, later on, we were discussing the short video's. It was super fun and it helped me a lot to make progress. The staff, the rooms and the high quality of food (fresh juices, different veggies, fish, meat, desserts,..) made it perfect.

Christoph Cornelis

The video feedback was super

When I decided to go along with seaside surf, I expected a good mix of surf and fun.  My expectations were correct, but man.. I underestimated the impact of being 7 days submerged into a world of surfing. Two sessions every day, and when we’re not in the water, it’s discussing techniques during breakfast, lunch & dinner with like minded people.


The video feedback was super valuable. Watching yourself surf is something everyone needs, when you want to raise your level and technique. I moved my own boundaries by surfing on waves with more significant size & speeds. The fact that you have a surf coach in the water, really improved my confidence. 


Good food , good people & a beautiful country. 

Thanks seaside surfing for a week to never forget! 

Gertjan Vanvooren

Surf punt
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