INtermediate Surfcoaching

in MoroccO - Thagazout

03-10 dec 2022 FOR €785 


Take your surfing with SeaSideSurf to the next level and increase your wavecount, surfskills and confidence. Surf the best waves and stay in the coolest surfguesthouse. You will like it!

For who?

You can catch already unbroken waves and you are ready to refine your turns. But maybe you still struggle with your take off when waves get a bit steeper or bigger? Or you still lack confindence and technique when the waves get a little bit bigger? Maybe you feel it is difficult to deal with the crowds and catch waves surrounded by better surfers? Also fear for wipe-outs maybe blocks you. Our unique holistic surfcoaching Programm will help you to shred with style and confidence in no time.

What our clients say

Testimonial Luisa
Testimonial Julien
Testimonial Christophe

How does it work?

Our approach is tailored made for you. First we asses where you are in your surfing and we start from there. The programm is holistic which means we work on the mind(set), the body, knowledge and technique.


A key thing is building confindence and feeling safe in the water. The moment your mind is at ease, learning goes faster. Repetition of proper technique is key.


Many surfers have to unlearn bad habits and that’s way more difficult than learning new skilss. You will do pool sessions, dryland simulations and surfskate sessions to boost your muscle memory. Learning skills first on land and in the confined area of a pool, with taking out all of the stressors you might encounter in the ocean, you will improve your surfing way faster and build more confidence. In-water coaching and video analysis will make you a better surfer while having ton’s of fun and you can keep the photo’s and video as a souvenir of your trip.

Along with improvement in your technique, our breathwork and fearmanagement workshops will help you to feel more relax when the waves get a bit bigger of more hollow. Say gooodbye to ‘Kookdom’ and learn with our programm to kill it!