Surfcoachingin Morocco


Take your surfing with SeaSideSurf to the next level and increase your wavecount, surfskills and confidence.

For who?

You can catch already unbroken waves and you are ready to refine your turns. But maybe you still struggle with your take off when waves get a bit steeper or bigger? Or you still lack confindence and technique when the waves get a little bit bigger? Maybe you feel it is difficult to deal with the crowds and catch waves surrounded by better surfers? Also fear for wipe-outs maybe blocks you. Our unique holistic surfcoaching Programm will help you to shred with style and confidence in no time.


How does it works?

Our approach is tailored made for you. First we asses where you are in your surfing and we start from there. The programm is holistic which means we work on the mind(set), the body, knowledge and technique.


A key thing is building confindence and feeling safe in the water. The moment your mind is at ease, learning goes faster. Repetition of proper technique is key.


Many surfers have to unlearn bad habits and that’s way more difficult than learning new skilss. You will do pool sessions, dryland simulations and surfskate sessions to boost your muscle memory. Learning skills first on land and in the confined area of a pool, with taking out all of the stressors you might encounter in the ocean, you will improve your surfing way faster and build more confidence. In-water coaching and video analysis will make you a better surfer while having ton’s of fun and you can keep the photo’s and video as a souvenir of your trip.

Along with improvement in your technique, our breathwork and fearmanagement workshops will help you to feel more relax when the waves get a bit bigger of more hollow. Say gooodbye to ‘Kookdom’ and learn with our programm to kill it!


A typical surf coaching day with us:

7:00am: Sunrise surf session and or stretch session

9:30am: Breakfast

10:30am: Workshop

11:30am: Surfsession

13:00pm: Lunch at the beach

Afternoon: Surfsession

4:30pm: Workshop

5:39pm: Afternoon tea on the terrace

6:30pm: Review Video analysis/ yoga session on the terrace  (optional)/ or just a beer with your surfbuddies

Free access to equipment for sunset free surf

8pm: Dinner


This program can be adapted according to weather conditions, tides, and surf spots.

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Starting from


p.p / week

What is included

  • Transfer Agadir (Airport / Bus Station) – Azul Guesthouse (24/7)

  • Accommodation in Azul Guesthouse 

  • Daily : Breakfast / Packed Lunch & Fresh Fruits / Snack and tea / Dinner

  • BBQ 1 per week

  • Surf equipment hire (Neoprene wetsuit & board)

  • Daily transport to surf spots adapted to your level

  • Daily two surf coaching sessions by our qualified instructors + workshops

  • Drinking water

  • Free WiFi

  • Daily cleaning of rooms

  • Azul Team available 24/7

This is all-inclusive so your only other cost will be your airline ticket and your boardrental incase you don't bring your own board. Your airline ticket Europe - Agadir will cost around 150 - 350 euro. Get in touch we us so we can help you with purchasing your airline ticket.


Unique methodology

We need to be honest! The art of surfing is difficult to master and the proces a long the way can be frustrating. Unlike conventional surf schools, we have designed a unique and holistic methodology that helps you to get better in surfing and make advance in a faster and safe way while having ton’s of fun. Our logical and analytical approach will give you also the tools to help you to continue making progress after your stay with us. We offer two programs: one for the beginner with no or very little experience and one for the intermediate surfer who is able to paddle through the white water and catch unbroken waves. Our holistic approach consists of nine key elements to take your surfing to the next level while having tons of fun and laughter.

Pre-travel workouts



Before the coaching week, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire, so that we can assess your level, points to work on and expectations. In preparation for the surf coach week you will receive a training schedule to train at home, so that you have a good stamina and paddle power once on location. With more power and condition, you will take even more waves and improve your surfing.

IN-water coaching



Typically we do two surfsessions a day where the surf coach will take you to surf spots suited for your level. The coaches will explain how the spot works and paddle out with you to boost your confidence and help you to deal with other surfers. The in-water coach will help you to catch more waves with a proper positioning and timing for take off.

VIDEO Analysis



Seeing yourself surfing is the most efficient way to make progress. We make several times a week video recordings of your session. After the surfing session, there is a video analysis to address which points you need to work on to progress your surfing. Bring a USB stick, because afterwards, you get to take the recordings home for free.




In the confined environment of a pool you will learn the technique to paddle in a efficient way. That's important as surfing is merely paddling. The better your technique the easier and with more confident you will surf and catch more waves. You will also pratice your duckdive and or turtle roll, as way to paddle faster to the line-up. Duck diving is not easy, but the poolsessions will help you to master that technique in a short amount of time.

Surf skate sesssions



Learning your first turns and manoevres on the water can be overwhelming. A efficient way to boost your muscle memory and break down manoevres in easy steps can be done in a fun and playfull way through surf skating. You will be able

to use the new learned skills instantly on your surfboard. You will learn way faster. During the surf skate workshops you will learn to generate speed and make turns.




Making progress in your surfing requires a good surf technique. Without a proper technique it wil be hard to shred. Or dryland simulations are your rescue to gain muscle memory. Your coach will work on land, so you have no distractions, and simulate manoeuvres with you. Repeating these maneouvres on land will make them way easier to execute while surfing. Dryland simulations are key to make faster progress so you will rip in no time.

Theory classes



Many elements are more accessible to explain with a TV screen and a whiteboard, rather than on the beach. Several times a week there are theory lessons about the essential aspects of surfing: swell and surf forecast, security and watersafety, surfboards designs and surf etiquette.




The body is your vessel to surf! You can improve your surfing through landbased surffit workouts. A poor technique could be a limitation in your surfprogression. Our surfcoaches and personal trainers will guide you through surfflex and surfstrength workouts to find back physical balance, power and mobility within your body. Once at home you can continue to practice these excersises as they don't require fitness equipment and are solely based on body weight workouts.

Breath & fear management



Surfing can be intimidating and fear could block you to make progress. You will learn a watersafety protocol that will help you to build confidence in the water and that will help you to deal with wipe-puts. Our coaches go with you in the water and will always have an eye on you. A great way to manage your mindset are breathing excercises. You will learn breathing techniques to paddle more efficiently and to stay calm and chill while surfing, even when the waves get a little bit bigger.



Azul Guesthouse is without a doubt the best option when it comes to choosing a surf camp in the Taghazout Area. Our family-run beach house is the ideal base for your surf and yoga holiday in Morocco. Located just 8 minutes walk from Imourane Beach. We’re centrally located on the sandy streets of Tamraght, with the world-renowned waves of Devils Rock and Taghazout Bay on our doorstep. It’s perfect for surfers, yogis and anyone looking for a relaxed Moroccan coastal experience!


The Terrace & Rooftop

The views from Azul Guesthouse’s terrace are generally agreed to be stunning. Overlooking the entire Bay of Taghazout. From the comfort of a moroccan armchair one can enjoy amazing panoram­ic view­points and appre­ciate beautiful sunsets. At Azul Guesthouse you will make discoveries and an unforgettable stay. You can have your morning coffee while watching the waves on the “Crocodile” surf spot located just in front of the guesthouse, or take a look at “Banana”: you will bathe in the Moroccan surfing from world morning to evening!

The terrace will also welcome your yoga sessions, and will be the perfect place to relax after your surfing day. And if you have energy left, you can also take advantage of our table tennis table!

The Restaurant & Dining Room

The well-known Moroccan hospitality and the richness of its cuisine await you at Azul Guesthouse.


In a familial setting, you will taste the typical dishes carefully prepared by our local chef. Our tasty and typical dishes, served in a magnificent setting, will allow you to chain the surf sessions with all the necessary energy!


The Rooms

We offer a wide variety of accommodation options, which allow us to accommodate solo travelers, couples, families, or groups.

Our rooms have all the modern comfort you can dream of, while being deeply rooted in the purest Berber style specific to the region of Agadir.

They also all have a comfortable Moroccan living room!